Our Philosophy

Dave Reta and Justin
  • You wouldn’t hire a surgeon who has a great bedside manner but lacks the training and experience to do the job. Wealth management is no different. You’ll see letters after our names like CFP® and CFA®. We have deliberately chosen to invest the time and effort to earn those and other credentials, so we can be the best in the business, worthy of your trust.
  • We take the time to get to know you and your family. We care as much about you as your investments and surprise and delight you on a personal level. 
  • We offer independent, comprehensive fee-based financial advice. 
  • We proactively communicate with our clients and identify and address important financial issues proactively, so things don’t get missed. This provides a welcome financial confidence.   
  • We simplify your financial life by helping you organize and keep your financial, tax, and estate planning/legal documents up to date with current changes in the law (bringing in outside specialists whom we have vetted when necessary).
  • We monitor changes in the markets and your personal circumstances to determine whether your portfolio needs to be adjusted.
  • We provide “red-carpet,” Ritz-Carlton service with a FedEx level of efficiency.